Payment Gateway Integration Services Streamline Online Transactions on your Site

DBCOSS is a leading Payment Gateway Integration Service Company streamline your process of receiving payments through a choice of payment mode. With our years of expertise in the integration of known payment gateways, we enable end-to-end solutions dead-on from letting you select the preferred service provider to the smooth integration of the services.

A payment gateway permits you to steadily collect and make payments anytime, anywhere. This helps the merchants to collect the payments electronically from the website. You can say this is an online version of a point of sale (POS) of an online store. No hassle to accept payments through debit or credit cards. A reliable payment gateway is a must for any E-commerce site, which lets the users carry out monetary transactions at ease of their home through their laptop, smartphones, or any other compatible mobile device.

We give utmost importance to security when it comes to building a trusted payment gateway for your website. With our additional layers of security provisions, we make sure you get the best service available in the market..

How does a payment gateway process work?

  • The payment gateway transfers the data to the server of the preferred bank.
  • The merchant’s bank authorizes the information to the bank of the user.
  • Users bank sends the response to payment gateway noting whether the transactions are accepted or failed.
  • In case the transaction is failed, the reason for the same is sent by the bank to the customer and merchant. The Info is also to the merchant’s server.
  • Merchant’s server encodes the information and conveys it to the customer to let him know the status of his order. Within seconds the entire process finishes.
  • Finally, the customer’s bank credits the amount in the merchant’s bank account by end of the day.

Benefits associated with DBCOSS Payment Gateway Integration Services Provider India

  • Automation & control

    With our services, merchants can regulate the transactions through manifold processor interfacing and finish the automation process.

  • Enriched security:

    We offer enhanced cardholder data safety and leads to a surge in customer satisfaction and no hassles in online transactions.

  • Improved workflow:

    Our services helps in the better workflow on a regular basis for end users and also minimizes unwanted workload and manual tasks.

  • Heightened shopping experience:

    We use Industry standard encryption ways to protect the sensitive data and interests of both merchants and customers.

  • 24/7 availability:

    Keep your online stores open 24 by 7 with DBCOSS Ecommerce Website Payment Gateway Integration Services. It brings higher revenues for merchants and more convenient for customers.

  • Speedy transactions:

    Compared to manual processing of payments, DBCOSS payment gateway integration offers quick transactions. Easy and quick transactions heighten your business growth.

  • Customer base expansion:

    With our services, you can make your online store are available to shoppers all the time. This increases the merchant market base aggressively.

Payment gateway integration services by DBCOSS include:

We can also customize your personal payment gateway with other players like PayPal, CCAvenue, HiedelPay, DIBS, Klarna etc.

  • Integration of payment gateway with your Ecommerce and website
  • Currency exchange facility
  • Data download in text format and import it into Excel sheet
  • Periodic billing on daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly basis
  • Manifold transactions support and shopping cart integration
  • Technical and customer support services

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